Privacy policy

1. Registrar

Company: FOREST TRAINERS® / Eronkoski Ltd
Business ID: 2963026-8
Address: Järvikyläntie 31
Postcode: 85500
Post office: NIVALA
Phone: +358 400 193 121

2. Person in charge of the register
3. Data Protection Officer

Name: Jukka Eronkoski

4. Purpose of the register

The collected personal data is used for:
Identifying customers and managing their access rights. Delivering orders for registered customers, as well as maintaining and developing customer relationships.

5. Bases for collecting and processing data

Customer data is collected and processed with customers’ consent, or to fulfil agreements made with customers.

6. Data contents in the register

Company name, Business ID, Email address, Phone number. Person’s name and contact information.

7. Data retainment period

Personal data is retained for as long as it is needed for fulfilling the agreement made with the customer or to improve customer service.

8. Regular data sources

Data is collected into the register from:
The person themselves. Official registers within legal boundaries (e.g. Data is also collected using the Google Analytics tools.

9. Regular disclosure of data and data transfer outside the EU or the EEA

Data is not regularly disclosed outside of the company. However, some of the external providers of service or software may retain data outside the EU or the EEA. Personal data is in any case protected as required by personal data law.

10. Cookie policy

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files sent to and stored on the user’s computer, containing a small text file that enables web page administrators recognize frequent visitors to sites, makes it easier for users to log onto sites, and enables gathering aggregate data of users. This feedback allows us to continually improve the contents of our website. Cookies do not damage users’ computers or files. We use cookies to offer our customers information and services that are customized for each person’s needs.

If visitor wish to deny providing the following data using cookies, most web browsers allow users to block them. This is usually done from your browser settings.

However, it is worth noting that cookies may be required to ensure some of our website functions and services work as intended.

11. Register safety

Data is transferred over a secure SSL connection.

Electronic data is protected with a firewall, user credentials and passwords.

Only persons employed by the registrar who need the data for their work have access rights to them. Persons processing register data and obligated by confidentiality clauses and have been trained to manage data registers.

12. Automatic decision-making

Automatic decision-making (article 22 of the GDRP) is not applied.

13. Data subject’s rights

The data subject has a right to verify what data regarding them have been saved in the personal data register. Requests for verification must be sent with the data subject’s signature to the aforementioned person in charge of the data register.

The data subject has a right to demand erroneous or outdated data be amended or removed, or transfer of the data from one system to another. They also have a right to restrict or oppose the use of their data in accordance with articles 18 and 21 of the GDPR.

The data subject has the right to withdraw their previous consent to process their data, or make a complaint to authorities about how their data has been processed.

The data subject may also their data being used for direct marketing purposes.