New product: FT Training Path

Forest Trainers range of services enhanced – a new release: Training Path! The Forest Trainers FT Training Path helps your company train and onboard new employees. The training is available to both your current personnel and new employees. The training path seeks to train and onboard employees so that they will become familiar with the … Read more

Workplace Wellbeing Day – an all-encompassing work-related wellbeing day for companies

A workplace wellbeing day is an essential part of company operations, especially in terms of employee motivation. Workplace wellbeing should be a part of everyday working life, but a single workplace wellbeing day can also contribute significantly to employees’ wellbeing and motivation. A single different working day among regular working days is a refreshing experience … Read more

Customer experience: Kamrock Oy workplace wellbeing day

Forest Trainers designed and implemented a workplace wellbeing day for Kamrock Oy. The day was designed in close cooperation with the company and tailored to the needs and wishes of the customer. Kamrock Oy workplace wellbeing day in sunny Nivala Supporting personnel wellbeing Kamrock Oy seeks to make sure that their personnel will be able … Read more

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Forest Trainers® – profitable outcomes, skills and workplace wellbeing for forestry companies

Forest Trainers and a number of forestry companies have jointly developed a training model to improve the profitability of forestry companies, enhance the working community, and provide guidance that will help your employees apply more profitable working methods. The development work finally resulted in four Forest Trainers products – FT Analysis, FT Training, FT Scheme, … Read more