FT Training Path

The FT Training Path focuses on personnel onboarding, training, and professional guidance.

We also provide educational institution staff members with pedagogical training closely tied to working life.

The price of the FT Training Path is specified separately for each company. The price depends, among other things, on the company size, the training ordered, the time used for the training, and travel expenses.

Your company can apply to the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for a subsidy which can cover up to 50 to 70% of the cost.

Forest Trainersin FT-valmennus keskittyy henkilöstön perehdyttämiseen ja työnohjaukseen.

For whom?

The FT Training Path is designed for

  • job seekers who have the requisite competence for working in the lumber industry;
  • employers who need skilled and motivated workers.

Why Should You Opt for the FT Training Path?

  • Fresh graduates and new employees often require a considerable amount of guidance and clearly formulated targets in their new work environment
  • In-depth onboarding and setting of goals provide for an articulate working template and eliminate uncertainty, making your employee committed to and focused on building a productive work routine
  • An onboarded employee with clear goals means quality and fast results
  • By means of a company-specific solution, an employee is readily conditioned to work efficiently
  • Current personnel are encouraged to update their skills and working methods

Goals of the FT Training Path

  • New employee training goals:
    • working methods, forestry-related issues
    • understanding customer requirements
    • teamwork, relating goals and steps toward goals to company goals => engagement
  • Training goals for current employees:
    • updating routine methods (established working methods)
    • updating output, forestry-related issues
    • teamwork, workplace wellbeing, common goals
  • Expected profit improvement 5 to 8%


The FT Training Path always provides company-specific solutions. Our pragmatic solutions are always fully confidential and implemented in plain language. Contact us and we’ll discuss your situation in more detail!