FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Forest Trainers® – profitable outcomes, skills and workplace wellbeing for forestry companies

Forest Trainers and a number of forestry companies have jointly developed a training model to improve the profitability of forestry companies, enhance the working community, and provide guidance that will help your employees apply more profitable working methods. The development work finally resulted in four Forest Trainers products – FT Analysis, FT Training, FT Scheme, and FT Workplace Wellbeing Day.

The incentive to start the development work was the companies’ need to develop their business operations in a holistic manner, to increase their efficiency and profitability, and to enhance their compatibility without compromising on the wellbeing of the work community.

Jukka Eronkoski (Finnish mti lumber industry degree) is the founder and a partner of FOREST TRAINERS®. More than 30 years of lumber harvesting, forestry and training skills as an employee, entrepreneur, and teacher.

The company was founded in 2019, and it has developed services jointly with domestic as well as international companies.

The primary product of the FT training method is FT Analysis. The product helps an external expert become familiar with the operations of the company, pinpoint development issues, and interview the personnel. Companies can also take care of their development discussions by using FT Analysis. Based on a review and a series of discussions, the expert will then create a report containing the concrete proposals for the steps to be taken, as well as the goals to reach for developing company internal cooperation.

The FT Training focuses on personnel onboarding, training, and professional guidance. The FT Scheme in turn is a long-term program, which lasts for approximately one year and which focuses on the long-term development of company operations and on creating an efficient business model. The FT Workplace Wellbeing Day is a training day for enhancing the employees’ wellbeing and maintaining work ability. You can familiarize yourself with all our products in detail at

All Forest Trainers products are always tailored to the specific needs of each individual company. The products can also be implemented in industry educational institutions.

To enhance its position in the market and to increase customers’ awareness of the training model in the lumber and forestry industry, Forest Trainers markets its products in both digital and traditional media.

Further information: Jukka Eronkoski, tel. +358 400 193121,

The project has received considerable support from the Metsämiesten Säätiö foundation, which thus made the project feasible in the first place. Donations and foundation mergers significantly contribute to the impact of the foundation’s non-profit activities. For further information, see