The FOREST TRAINERS® website is here! We cordially invite you to take a look at our products.

I am Jukka Eronkoski, a founding member and partner of this company. For several years, I have taken an active part in the development work that has now resulted in these products – and the work continues.

My long career as a forestry vehicle operator, a forestry vehicle entrepreneur and a teacher in the forestry field has provided me with a great outlook on and extensive experience in the varied situations in our industry. Colleagues, companies and partners have encouraged me to start building the services that harvesting companies really need. We have now practically created the products needed and hope that they will fulfill the various companies’ requirements.

Our products will help you enhance the skills needed in your company and thereby increase your profit and improve the competitiveness of your company. We will pay specific attention to your training needs and workplace wellbeing in your company. A well-functioning work community is a productive work community.

Each company is an individual entity, which is why our services are always tailored to the specific needs of the company, jointly and in full confidence with the entrepreneur – and there is always something you can do better in your company. The key values of all our activities are confidentiality, plain language use, and a pragmatic approach to the issues we are working on. We also specifically focus on cooperation with our customer and the pressure caused by change, which frequently place specific requirements on and changes in the company business. This is an excellent starting point for embarking on a path of development that will ultimately lead you to your goals.

Our contact data is readily available at our website. Feel free to contact us any time. Let’s jointly draw up a plan that will help you make the profit you have in mind, or just have an eye-opening discussion.