Workplace Wellbeing Day – an all-encompassing work-related wellbeing day for companies

A workplace wellbeing day is an essential part of company operations, especially in terms of employee motivation. Workplace wellbeing should be a part of everyday working life, but a single workplace wellbeing day can also contribute significantly to employees’ wellbeing and motivation. A single different working day among regular working days is a refreshing experience and provides motivation for work.

Forest Trainers Workplace Wellbeing Day

A company-specific, tailor-made Forest Trainers workplace wellbeing day in a functional training day, which seeks to maintain work ability and enhance workplace wellbeing.

FT workplace wellbeing training consists of the following modules:

  • workplace wellbeing and its goals
  • motivating the personnel
  • enjoyable shared activities
  • challenging yourself

When the day draws to a close, the company will receive a report specifying a set of ways to make workplace wellbeing an integral part of company working life.

Add Forest Trainers analysis to your workplace wellbeing day

How about organizing a more comprehensive workplace wellbeing day this time? A day containing a training day to support your employees’ work ability combined with a more comprehensive review of company operations including personnel interviews.

A workplace wellbeing day can be combined with an FT analysis containing tailor-made personnel development discussions and a review of the company’s current standing. The analysis will provide the company with a clear report containing proposals for the concrete steps to be taken with a view to developing the company.

The development discussions and the review of the company’s current standing are the responsibility of a Forest Trainers expert.


A Forest Trainers workplace wellbeing day offers your employees enjoyable shared activities and possibilities to challenge themselves. The idea is to spend an enjoyable, refreshing day together in good team spirit.

If a workplace wellbeing day is combined with FT analysis, the results obtained will be later reviewed with the entrepreneur and recorded in the company goals to make the steps to be taken part of everyday company working life.

Your workplace wellbeing day is always tailored to fulfill the wishes expressed by your company. We organize workplace wellbeing days everywhere in Finland.

Would this be a good time for planning a workplace wellbeing day for your company? Contact us and we can then figure out together what kind of a day would best suit your company!