Customer experience: Kamrock Oy workplace wellbeing day

Forest Trainers designed and implemented a workplace wellbeing day for Kamrock Oy. The day was designed in close cooperation with the company and tailored to the needs and wishes of the customer.

Kamrock Oy workplace wellbeing day in sunny Nivala

Kamrock Oy workplace wellbeing day in sunny Nivala

Supporting personnel wellbeing

Kamrock Oy seeks to make sure that their personnel will be able to feel good in their everyday work – the company supports employee work ability and wellbeing in a variety of ways to ensure the physical and mental health of their employees. This was also one of the factors considered at the planning stage of the workplace wellbeing day.

The sunny workplace wellbeing day in Nivala was a relaxed and enjoyable event for everyone. In the activities, special attention was paid to teamwork skills. Both physical skills and acumen were needed for a successful outcome, which meant that both the body and brain were trained appropriately. Thus, there was no way to avoid sweating, and the day was full of enjoyable activities and cheerful laughter. In the course of the workplace wellbeing day, the participants also enjoyed their packed lunches, and the day was concluded with a sauna session and an evening meal.

Kamrock was happy with their successful workplace wellbeing day: ‘The workplace wellbeing day was fantastic in terms of its contents as well as its organization. Forest Trainers listened to us and tailor-made a day that suited us perfectly. The final outcome was better than we could have ever expected! Cooperating with Forest Trainers was smooth in every respect,’ Kamrock HR manager Johanna Massa remarked and continued: ‘The day was full of shared enjoyment and individual as well as team successes. This will definitely support us all for a long time to come!’

Sanna Eronkoski, Forest Trainers, Aki Hintta, Kamrock Oy, production manager, and Jarkko Peräaho, Kamrock Oy, CEO.

Tailor-made Workplace Wellbeing Days Everywhere in Finland

Forest Trainers organizes workplace wellbeing days and refreshing events for companies everywhere in Finland, regardless of the industry the company represents. The days are always planned and implemented in cooperation with customers’ companies and tailored to fulfill the wishes of the customer and their personnel.

Sanna Eronkoski from Forest Trainers is the person responsible for the practical organization of workplace wellbeing days. Sanna has a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from a university of applied sciences and more than 20 years of work experience in the catering industry both as an employee and as a supervisor. Out of these 20 years, she worked for 14 of them in the kitchen of a vocational institution. Sanna has also been the coach of a Finnish baseball team for more than 15 years. She has been married to a forestry professional for more than 25 years – and is therefore very familiar with logging and forestry. Sports and wellbeing have always been part of Sanna’s everyday life in free time, as well as in working life:

‘Workplace wellbeing and feeling good at work are of great importance to both employees and the entire company. There are several ways of enhancing both of them. The topic is very close to my heart indeed,’ Sanna remarks.

Sanna Eronkoski from Forest Trainers is the person responsible for the practical organization of workplace wellbeing days

Is this perhaps the right time to plan a workplace wellbeing day for your company? Contact us, and we’ll design a workplace wellbeing day that suits your company in every respect!