New product: FT Training Path

Forest Trainers range of services enhanced – a new release: Training Path!

The Forest Trainers FT Training Path helps your company train and onboard new employees. The training is available to both your current personnel and new employees.

The training path seeks to train and onboard employees so that they will become familiar with the company operating models and procedures to be maximally productive as soon as possible. The training path enables your company to outsource recruiting and onboarding processes, thus allowing it to save some of its own resources.

Supporting your recruiting processes

Forest Trainers supports your recruiting processes, hunting for new employees for companies and jobs for jobseekers. It is also possible to acquire work force from abroad thanks to Forest Trainers’ excellent, comprehensive contacts.

Skilled work force from the training path

The FT Training Path provides your company with the skilled workers you need, with the workers having already internalized your company procedures thanks to the training and thus being fully productive from day one.

The training path can be implemented in a form, which is eligible for public funding support. Contact us and we’ll discuss your situation in more detail!

Job seeker: this is for you!

We also provide placement services, and our services specifically include a training path which helps you find a job in a forestry and/or lumber company.

If you are a skilled professional in the industry or have the requisite competence, if you are switching over to a new career or you have graduated recently, do contact us! We also provide support for international recruiting processes.